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Infants sans, societat sana. Guia per al bon menjar i benestar

Posted by turo2003 a gener 21, 2011

School wellness policies are a direct expression of local care and concern for the well-being of young people. The best policies reflect core community values and culture, regional tastes and food traditions, and an emphasis on learning outcomes connected to diet, health, and environmental education.Many school districts begin their wellness policies with a visionary statement of responsibility and a preamble that defines the need to act.

Some basic principles on which we can all agree:

• Healthy children are the foundation of a healthy society.

• Healthy, well-nourished children are better able to learn.

• All children deserve nutritious, safe, and deliciously prepared food.

• Eating habits developed in childhood will affect health throughout life.

• Knowledge of food—how it is grown, who grows it, how it is prepared, its connection to tradition, and its influence in shaping the future of society—is integral to a healthy education

Model Wellness Policy Guide / Infants sans, societat sana (anglès)



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